Professional and Continuing Education

Certificate in Data Science

Develop the computer science, mathematics and analytical skills in the context of practical application needed to enter the field of data science. Discover how to use data science techniques to analyze and extract meaning from extremely large data sets, or “big data.” Become familiar with modern database systems, data models, and query interfaces. Learn how to use statistics, machine learning, text retrieval and natural language processing to analyze data and interpret results. Practice using these tools and techniques on data sets of increasing complexity and scale.

Certificate in Cloud Computing

Gain an in-depth understanding of cloud computing models, applications, platforms, infrastructures and technologies. Get hands-on experience in developing scalable, efficient systems for the cloud and building scalable applications. Work on projects using frameworks like Hadoop and MapReduce, which enable massive scalability for processing and analyzing large data sets. Understand the platforms of key cloud vendors as well as the decision-making process for adopting a cloud migration strategy.

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